Hello everyone ! 

Today, I want to ask you one question. Please take a breathe and ask yourself that “Do I know myself, well ?”

If you want to understand yourself better, let’s begin explore ! 

First of all, we will learn what is enneagram and what is it’s types.

Secondly, I will write all types shortly. They will mainly have caricatures and pictures that include some information. I don’t want to bore you 🙂

Finally, last of the paragraph has two links to test yourself ! One of them is for Turkish people, the other is English.  

Enneagram has nine types of personality, and it’s job is comparing these types with themselves.

  • TYPE 1 : The Perfectionist

The perfectionist people want to do something which are beneficial to world. Ones (The perfectionist) want to make things perfect and decide what is the best. their standarts are high and when they don’t think their business is not going well, they work hard patiently until their small voice says it is perfect. Moreover, they expect it from other people. Otherwise, they disappointed because of their expectation. 

TYPE 2 : The Helper

Being needed, care other people and helping are significant for twos. They keep watching for their relationship with their family and friends. They can communicate with others easily. They can’t see their need or even they can, they can’t say. Reason of this, they are mostly care others staff than their staff.

TYPE 3 : The Achiever

Threes work to reach their goals and they want success. They are good at using resources, coming into effect and getting result. In addition, they want to seem like they are the best in everything what they do thanks to the fact that they want to earn respect and appreciation from others. 

TYPE 4 : The Romantic

They want to be different and special. They sometimes feel like they are not in this world. They approach the situations with different perspectives. They have their own sense of aesthetics. They look meaning and depth in their job. Their feelings are so strong and they want to express those feelings.

TYPE 5 : The Observer

They focus on learning and observing what is going around them. They are extremely rational, caring other’s thoughts and successful at cause-effect relationship and probşem solving. They enjoy when they read and research. 

TYPE 6 : The Loyalist

They approach everything with suspicion for themselves’ goodness.They want to take precaution before the problems come up. Winning sixs’ trust is very difficult, but when they trust someone, they are settle down to the person.  

TYPE 7 : The Optimist

They see the full part of the glass. They beam energy to the other people and they want to enjoy in their entire life. They are the responsible from new and creative ideas. They can start other staff when previos ones stay. They inspire people with their energy and sevens give a fillip to people.

TYPE 8: The Protector

Being strong, holding control in hands and impressing people are important for eights. They are fighting for justice and they are decided. They can take initiative and they can conclude things. They don’t care what people think, they just say something what is in their mind, and they reflect their anger to others.

TYPE 9: The Peacemaker

Being in compliance and being peaceful are important than anything else. They are understanding about the differences. They accept as are people, situations and ideas. They think results spaciously, and this situation causes that they can see possible conflicts and that’s why, they don’t like decide.

LINK OF THE ENNEAGRAM TEST (TR) : http://www.e-motivasyon.net/enneagram.html

LINK OF THE ENNEGRAM TEST (EN) : https://www.eclecticenergies.com/enneagram/test.php

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